Murrurundi NSW

22nd - 25th February 2018

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King of the Ranges Stockman’s Challenge Inc.                                                       

Inspired by the legendary Archie “Bung” McInnes                                                       

David & Claire Paradice


15th YEAR

Horse & Sulky combinations will be seen at the 2016 Event demonstrating their skills around an obstacle course

Bill & Trish Greer (right) will also present the ever popular

Dog High Jump & Dog Lotto

What is Dog Lotto?

o Tyres are placed inside a circle

o Each tyre is numbered,

o $2 tickets are sold for those numbers

o A dog is released inside the circle

o The tyre onto which he raises his leg is the WINNER!

Dog Lotto is run as a charity fundraiser

Half the funds for each draw go to the ticket holder

and the other half to local charities