Murrurundi NSW

22nd - 25th February 2018

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King of the Ranges Stockman’s Challenge Inc.                                                       

Inspired by the legendary Archie “Bung” McInnes                                                       

David & Claire Paradice



In 2015 King of the Ranges Organisation initiated a co-sponsorship with the Lawn Hill & Riversleigh Pastoral Holding Company based in the Gulf of Carpentaria, aimed at assisting young Aboriginal stockmen to develop skills and widen their experience.

In 2015 Gerald Aplin was selected by LHRPHC as the first recipient of the training and again in 2016 together with Peter Jupiter. For several weeks under the guidance of experienced KOTR Committee members, they practised riding bareback & negotiating obstacles, packing & saddling a packhorse, cutting targets with a stockwhip whilst riding at speed, jumping a variety of obstacles when riding cross country and using a cattle dog to work stock. Gerald and Peter’s natural ability, balance and reflexes helped them master many of the new skills required for the Competition. Bonding with borrowed horses and dogs as well as learning numerous competition rules were added tests. Both young men competed with credit in the Stockman’s Challenge. They also participated in a variety of activities whilst in Murrurundi, widening their experience and gaining knowledge to further their careers.

Photos by Darren Adams

For 2017 David and Claire Paradice, long time supporters of King of the Ranges, have shown strong interest in the Indigenous Stockman’s program and are enabling Peter Jupiter to travel from Doomadgee in the Gulf of Carpentaria with his partner Liddyanne, so that Peter may participate in the next Challenge. King of the Ranges members are keen to help Peter further the skills he previously learnt and build on the confidence he acquired when competing in 2016

Murrurundi looks forward to welcoming Peter and Liddyanne in February 2017