Murrurundi NSW

22nd - 25th February 2018

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King of the Ranges Stockman’s Challenge Inc.                                                       

Inspired by the legendary Archie “Bung” McInnes                                                       

David & Claire Paradice


15th YEAR

Australian Champion Tentpegging Team will demonstrate their exciting sport at KOTR

Tentpegging is an equestrian sport practiced in many countries around the world.

Tentpegging is a horse sport which is fun, fast and spectacular and can be enjoyed by riders of all ages, male and female, senior and junior. It is a sport the whole family will enjoy.

Tent pegging is thought to have originated in India. Mounted soldiers would gallop through enemy camps, removing the tent pegs with their lances and swords. They would be followed by more mounted soldiers who took advantage of the surprise and havoc caused by collapsed tents and a confused enemy. The British Cavalry adopted the principles and adapted them as cavalry training drill. 

Demonstrations of Horse Ball

Horse-ball was introduced to Australia in 2009 off the back of the sport’s popularity throughout Europe

The concept of the action packed sport involves two teams of 4 players fighting over the possession of a leather-bound ball..  Horse-ball is a great team sport requiring a high degree of horsemanship and dexterity played over two 10 minute halves and is often referred to as basketball or rugby… on horseback!


Murrurundi and District Pony Club will present a Musical Ride.

Clayton Evans won the Unique Horseman Australian Colt Starting Challenge held recently in Dalby Queensland and now holds the official record of 17.34 minutes for being the fastest to ride an unhandled horse and stand on its back.

Hunter Valley horseman Clayton & his wife Kim launched “No Fear Equine Education” twelve years ago and now operate this successful business from their property in Willow Tree

Clayton will again showcase his skills and the gentler horse handling techniques he promotes during the King of the Ranges Event in February

No Fear Equine Education”