Murrurundi NSW

21st - 24th February 2019

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King of the Ranges Stockman’s Challenge Inc.                                                       

Inspired by the legendary Archie “Bung” McInnes                                                       

David & Claire Paradice


16th YEAR

1. PACKHORSE AND STOCKHANDLING events will take place in succession in R2. Competitors please note the total Time Allowed includes both events

On completion of Packhorse competitors must continue immediately with the Stockhandling.

Details of the rules etc will be confirmed.

There will still be prize money etc for the highest scoring competitor overall in each of the PACKHORSE and STOCKHANDLING events

2. BAREBACK OBSTACLE for all Competitors will take place in R1 on FRIDAY 23rd Feb

BAREBACK FREESTYLE for all Competitors will take place in R1 on SATURDAY 24th Feb

Please refer to the Colour Group Schedule

NEW for 2018

Prizes for highest combined Packhorse/Stockhandling score in each Challenge - Open, Ladies, Novice & Junior